Fishing Report June 2019

Spring Creek:

Water levels are higher than average but still very productive. Slightly stained water clarity.

Productive patterns: Gold ribbed hare’s ear – sizes 14 and 16

American pheasant tail – sizes 16 and 18

Walt’s worm/Sexy walt’s worm – sizes 12, 14, 16, and 18

Water types: Fish were holding tight to structure such as boulders, log piles, banks, and troughs/depressions in the stream bottom.

Tips: Fishing shallow riffles with a dry dropper rig was very productive.

Big Fishing Creek:

Water levels are very high, very stained to muddy water.

Productive patterns: Flashback pheasant tails – sizes 12 and 14

Pat’s rubber legs – sizes 10 and 12

Water types: The banks held the majority of fish because of the current flows.

Tips: Fish the banks with light flies.

Pohopoco Creek:

Water levels are about average and crystal clear!

Productive patterns: Hotspot pheasant tails – sizes 16, 18, and 20

Soft hackle pheasant tails – sizes 16 and 18

Elk hair caddis – sizes 14 and 16

Water types: knee deep eddys, seams, and riffles held wild trout. Stocked fish are holding in the deeper, slower pools and runs.

Tips: Swing your flies across the current at the end of every drift.


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