Our Guides

Ben Broscius

Ben started fly fishing at the age of 12. He was originally introduced through Boy Scout Summer Camp. After catching his first fish on the fly, he has dedicated all of his free time to the sport. Out on the water as often as possible, Ben pushes himself to catch more fish. He is a member of the United States Youth Fly Fishing Team and Team Trutta. He competes on a regular basis within the NFFL (National Fly Fishing League). Call and book a trip with Ben today!

Nick Meloy

From the limestone streams of central PA, Nick is thrilled to share his simplistic nymph and dry fly style with fellow fly anglers. Nick specializes in light-weight tight-line nymphing, upstream slack presentations and tactical dry fly presentations. He has been competing for 3 years, and is currently working towards being a Fly Fishing Team USA hopeful. Nick also captains Team Trutta, co-owns Trutta Goods, and co-hosts the Bugs & Beards Podcast. Call to Book a trip with Nick in beautiful Central PA!

Mike Komara

Mike Komara is currently a Material Science student at Penn State University and the captain of the United States Youth Fly Fishing Team. He has fished in two world and four national championships and has medals to prove it. He now is passionate about sharing that experience and knowledge through guiding.

Rich Ferrara

I started fly fishing when I was 12 years old. I focused my efforts on dry fly fishing in those early years, my dad and I would chase the glamour hatches around western and central PA every year. As I got older I began I started branching out to the other fly fishing disciplines like streamer and nymph fishing. I began experimenting with “euro” nymphing in around 2009 or 10 and I’ve been honing that skill in ever since. I began fly fishing competitively in 2015 or 16. I am currently competing within the National Fly Fishing League and in regional qualifiers to hopefully one day make fly fishing team USA.

Ben Trew

Ben became hooked on fly fishing 20+ years ago starting by casting dries and eventually chasing Erie steelhead. Since then he has moved to central PA where he is using his experience as a teacher and coach to help share his knowledge and experience with fellow fly fishermen. Ben is currently the commissioner of the National Fly Fishing League, a captain on Team Confluence, and starting in 2019, an instructor for the United States Youth Fly Fishing Team.  Ben strives to bring a fun and educational experience whether it is chasing hatches or working on modern nymphing techniques. 

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